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About The Founders

Elsa P. Pinto-Melikian

The driving force behind the creation of The Registry Network, Elsa brings 24 years of sales and marketing experience to the company. She attended U.C. Davis, focusing her studies in Managerial Economics. She began her professional career at Xerox in 1980, where she received extensive sales and marketing training. With her educational background and her sales training and experience, she broke out on her own in 1986 to form her own company. Elsa has excelled as an independent contractor and business owner for over 25 years.

Armen E. Melikian

Co-creator of the concept that has become The Registry Network. Armen brings over 12 years of experience in retail sales management to the company. His success came early in his career. By the time he earned his degree in Business Management from San Francisco State University, he was already managing over $2 million dollars in sales. In his professional career, Armen has experienced increasing job and market responsibility, tasks he has managed with finesse and tremendous success. Though he is modest and won't comment, we all know that his success can only be attributed to his strong managerial skills and work ethic. His experience as a Regional Manager in a retail service organization has served to shape and guide The Registry Network's merchant business.

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